Why should I do Yoga?

It is a stimulating form of exercise which tones and strengthens the muscles and invigorates the entire system, thereby relaxing the mind and body. With regular practice it can help to keep the joints mobile and the muscles long and flexible.


Will the classes be attended by young, slim women only?

No - it doesn't matter what shape, age or gender you are, your muscles will stretch in just the same way.

Everyone is able to take part, with more men beginning to realise the benefits that yoga can bring. The postures challenge all who attend the classes and the teachers will take your ability into account.

Yoga does not discriminate against colour or creed either.


What shall I wear?

Anything that is comfortable to move in, such as a T-shirt, shorts or leggings. Yoga is done bare foot and you may want to have something warmer to wear during 'relaxation' at the end of class.


What equipment will I need?

You will need a sticky mat, and a towel or blanket would be useful. A limited number of foam blocks, bricks, belts and Indian cotton blankets will be available for you to borrow for your first class, but if you decide to continue with yoga, you will need to purchase these. YogaMatters has a wide selection of all yoga equipment.


Can I eat before class?

Yes you can, but make it a light snack eaten at least an hour beforehand and give a heavy meal at least 4 hours to digest.